Aromatherapy Healing Oils

Soothe your pain and skin infections with these healing oils. Just apply on the affected area and feel relief flooding over your senses.


Massage away the stress and strains of everyday life with one of these aromatherapy massage blends. Each massage oil has been expertly formu-lated with the most effective organic pure essentials in exactly the right proportion to provide all the benefits that you need. Aromacology massage oils are a soothing therapy that can evoke many benefi-cial changes within the body, mind and spirit. It’s hypo-allergenic, and non-irritating and easily absorbed.


GRAPEFRUIT – 100ML SRP 430.00 (MO2)

A sensual aroma helps calm your senses. Use this oil for the first 3 months of pregnancy to maintain the natural elasticity of the skin. preventing stretch marks. Grapefruit and Olive are combined to promote skin cell rejuvenation and eliminate toxins.


AYURVEDA OIL 100ML SRP 485.00 (M05)

Ayurveda means healing. Warming oil that relaxes and soothes aching muscles. Energize tired muscles after a strenuous day or over-exertion. Herbaceous and the deep relaxing qualities of this extract helps maintain and preserve healthy, mobile joints. Comforting when massage on the abdomen before and during menstruation. Ease rheumatic. arthritis pain and improve blood circular tion. Good for muscle pain and stiff neck.


A special blend of peppermint. citrus, and virgin coconut oil to uplift your mood, take away the stress and tension, make you breath easy, and promote natural sleep.

H Oil Healing Oils

H OIL – 10ML SRP 230.00 (HS03)

H Balm Healing Oils

H BALM – 10G SRP 170.00 (HS01)

Tea Tree Oils

TEA TREE OIL 10ML – SRP 420.00 (FCO5)

“Melaleuca Alternifolia” or Tea Tree is Nature’s most effective, versatile healer for skin problems. Natives of Australia first discovered the healing ability, and clinical studies have shown that it’s over a 100 times more powerful than other leading antiseptics, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. It has been used for cold sores, warts, fungal, acne, bac-terial infection, burns, candida. athlete’s foot, insect bites, oily skin, abscess, blisters, dandruff. eczema and rashes. Has very herbaceous smell.

Usage: Skin must be clean. Use at least 2-3 times a day.