Aromacology Sensi

Aromacology Sensi is not just a growing company ensuring efficiency and productivity at all times but one that is committed to the needs of their customers through their finest skin care products made naturally from 100% plant-based raw materials like herbs, flowers and fruit extracts combined, increasing the availability of higher quality and all of this new awareness around the benefits and potential of plant based products.

Using state of the art manufacturing facilities, Aromacology Sensi’s products are the perfect blend of nature and science to produce a holistic way of healing constantly keeping the body at the highest level of wellness because our skin is not a separate entity from the entire body. This is why the products are integrated with the essential oils to stimulate feelings and emotions such as relax-ation, sensuality, happiness brought about by the influence of aroma to produce a therapeutic effect on consumers.

Aromacology Sensi did come a long way as it started out as one outlet in January 2003 at NCCC Mall Davao. Gaining popularity from achieving sustainable results, people from different cities keep coming back for more. It made its way to become one of the fastest brand of choice for indi-viduals from all walks of life. These are proudly Davao-made products, certified natural and safe to individual users. It had successfully launched a wide-array of different products suitable for all skin types as it opened franchise outlets within Davao City as sell as other cities in different parts of the country. The company owed its success to the quality and affordability of the products as its two distinct features which differentiates it from the rest.
Because of the rapid growth of potential markets, it introduced the new marketing scheme — the multi-level network marketing. Since then, the company was able to expand with more than 40.000 independent distributors and still increasing up to now.

Aromacology wants to promote aromatherapy through relaxation, a holistic healing of physical body with aroma. It has been proven to have a quick but lasting effect. The main objective boils down to one important purpose which is to change one’s mood, both psychological and physical well being that enhances the feeling of peace and happiness.

To support the practice of veganism, it ensures that all products are made from plant-based raw materials that reject the use of animal products.

Moreover, it has a strong advocacy to help children from the different foundations like the Unicef, Love the Children Foundation, Field of Dreams Children’s Charity Foundation, Inc. and Kids of Hope.

This is our way of giving back our blessings from our increasing income year after year while maintaining our stability in the industry. Aromacology wanted to help these children live better and give hope for their future.

aromacology sensi