A well-balanced and full-bodied aroma. Herbalist regards Lavender as the most useful and versatile essential oil for therapeutic purposes for anti-depressant, mental stress, calming and deodorizer. It also has anti-septic and analgesic properties which will case the pain of burn and prevent skin infection.

Create and relax in a safe, infection-free environ-ment with nature’s essential oils. Diffusing essential oils will release natural bacteria and vira fighters, dispelling bacteria and virus on the air and in your body system through your nasal congestion. Thus, helping you relax and breathe easily of its natural aroma filling the room. Also unlike other essential oils. Aromacology essential oils are gentle to the skin even if directly applied.

Usage. Add 3-6 drops of your favorite Aromacology essential oils into the well of the burner. Switch on the Aroma Lamp and allow to burn for up to 20 minutes.


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